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If you have any questions that are not on this page, please contact us by email: [email protected]

Travel and Shipping

By phone or e-mail through our contacts. One of our technicians will contact you to identify your shock absorbers using the ID and provide you with a quote.

If you do not have a reliable workshop that disassembles your shock absorbers, OffMax has facilities and technicians who can carry out the entire assembly and disassembly operation.

Why not? At OffMax we are very flexible with all our services. If you have several vehicles that need maintenance or want to take advantage of the shock absorber assembly for testing, our technicians can move around.

We analyze it case by case, so it is best to contact us to resolve all your doubts.

The shock absorbers can be sent through any carrier, as long as they allow the components to be sent and everything is prepared so that the shock absorbers are sent well accommodated.

The ID is the identifying serial number engraved on the bottom of each damper. It will be a great help that when you contact us also indicate the ID number of your shock absorber, this way we will know immediately which exact model is fitted to your vehicle.

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Suspensions are a vital part of the overall functioning of your vehicle, an element of wear that is continuously acting and, consequently, needs periodic maintenance attention and careful cleaning.

In basic maintenance, we completely disassemble the shock absorber and rebuild step by step by changing the oil, all o'rings and retainers and a nitrogen load.

The revision price does not include damaged structural parts that can be found inside the shock absorber. In this case, our technicians communicate the damaged parts with a quote before any intervention is made.

FOX Factory recommends for all your dampers complete maintenance every 100 hours or a year of use, whichever comes first. In the case of vehicles participating in competitions, these deadlines are every 20 hours of tests and tests.

In the case of a new or recently revised shock absorber that has suffered something and the pair is intact, it is possible to maintain only one shock absorber.

In normal cases, it is always recommended to maintain the pairs of shock absorbers, the front and rear.

Upgrades and Modifications

Um upgrade é qualquer componente ou conjunto de componentes que ao instalar nos seus amortecedores aumentará a performance dos mesmos.

O IQS ou um Kit de molas são exemplos de upgrades.

O Valving é o conjunto de anilhas de ambos os lados do pistão que controlam a resistência da compressão e do rebound. A alteração dessas anilhas altera significativamente a resistência à passagem do óleo nos dois sentidos de funcionamento.

O tuning é a alteração dessas mesmas anilhas, podendo resultar num aumento ou diminuição da compressão, rebound e outras características do funcionamento do amortecedor.

A velocidade, a agressividade de condução, o tipo de terreno e o uso que cada um dá ao veículo influencia as afinações.

Quanto maior for a sensibilidade e equilíbrio do piloto mais suave poderá ser a afinação

Private Tests and Race Preparations

Organizamos um dia de teste tal e qual o piloto de uma equipa oficial, testam-se diferentes afinações dos amortecedores para adaptá-los ao veículo, estilo de condução do piloto e terreno.

Para ter acesso a um destes testes, não é preciso ser um corredor professional.

Afinar os amortecedores segundo as necessidades do veículo, gosto do piloto e estilo de condução.

  • Os testes são acompanhados pelos técnicos da OffMax Suspensions e dirigidos por Bruno Martins, Campeão Nacional de SSV e participante do Dakar, e toda a sua experiência e anos de competições.

Podemos realizar os testes junto às instalações da OffMax ou deslocamo-nos onde o cliente esteja, sempre segundo disponibilidade da agenda.

Sale of products, shocks and guarantees

OffMax Suspensions also sells original parts to specialist workshops. For conditions and availability, contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

We are preparing an online store page, while we finish it, you can order parts via email: [email protected]

Warranties for maintenance carried out at OffMax Suspensions are 90 days on wear parts and two years on structural parts, except for damage caused by accidents or negligence.

Warranties on items purchased through OffMax Suspensions are two years from the time of purchase for all structural elements other than wear.

Yes, we will always try to get any part, consult us about parts, prices and availability through email: [email protected]


The Live Valve developed by FOX, is based on a suspension that is automatically managed by sensors and accelerometers installed in the vehicle controlled by an electronic unit and is only available when purchasing a Polaris Dynamix.

The IQS is an electronic suspension control system managed by the driver from the inside of the vehicle, in motion or stopped.

The IQS can be installed on all CAN-AM X3 equipped with original FOX shock absorbers with high and low speed compression adjustment. It cannot be installed on other brand shock absorbers or even FOX shock absorbers without this compression adjuster.

It can also be installed in vehicles of other brands (Yamaha, Polaris, etc.) that use the same type of shock absorbers with double compression regulation.

Adjustment of the dampers without leaving the vehicle while driving. Simplification of compression adjustment. You never have to compromise on tuning your dampers again.

Yes of course. Contact us to find out how and when we can demonstrate how the system works.



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